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Learn How to Draw

This article brings together all the knowledge about design, we collect the best videos, techniques, tutorials and explanations for you to master the ability to draw. --- [leia em Português / en Español]

You will realize that it is not as difficult as it sounds, try not cost, by the way is great fun!
Learn How to Draw:


The drawing is an artistic support linked to the production of two-dimensional works, differing, however, painting and engraving. In this sense, the design is seen both as a process and as artistic result.

In the first case, it refers to the process by which a surface is marked by applying to it the pressure of a tool (usually a pencil, pen or brush) and moving it so as to emerge points, lines, and shapes flat.

The result of this process (the image obtained) can therefore also be called drawing. Thus, a design manifests itself essentially as a two-dimensional composition formed of lines, dots and shapes.

The representation of the Vitruvian man, as imagined by Leonardo da Vinci, is one of the world's best known draws.
The drawing involves a designer attitude (what might be called design) in relation to reality: the designer may wish to imitate his sensible reality, transforming it or create a new reality with the characteristics of the two-dimensionality or, as in the case perspective drawing, the three-dimensionality.

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